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So I saw the Conjuring 2 yesterday...
To be completely honest, I didn't find it scary at all. Tell me in the comments below what you all thought about it.
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The people around me is what made it worth while. I had no idea a guy could reach that high of a pitch. @KurosakiJess
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Bruh I love horror movies. I saw the conjuring twice when it came out. And Imma go see part 2 again too. But it wasn't really scary-scary but it was very creepy. This was like the only movie to completely freak me out 馃槶馃槶
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I almost cried 馃槀 @KurosakiJess
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Omg that's awesome 馃槀馃槀 @DaHigster05
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It was amazing but terrifying. Lol
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