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For someone who wanted me to end his story back at part 26, he doesn't seem too sad that its still going and here we are at part 25 of the second installment! It is almost 50k to 50k words - wow! and I'm being told by some that they still don't want it to end, rofl. I never thought I'd be writing a Korean Soap Opera Fan Fiction but I guess there's a first time for everything!
“So how exactly do I start this conversation? ‘By the way sweety my mom knows all about you, she’s a fan. However, she’s threatening to come here and dismember you since she doesn’t know YOU and you’ve just promised yourself to her baby’. I think he’ll take that well what do you think?”
Jak calls during her lunch break after having Skyped with her mom that morning. You laugh at how dramatic she’s being.
“Your mom is way more accepting than mine. Can you just imagine ME telling my mom; ‘Oh hey, I’m dating a Korean rock star and we’re having sex’. You know I’d be disowned! Did she really threaten his manhood?”
“In her exact words, ‘This man may be busy but living across the world is no excuse to not get to know his woman’s family. If I have to fly to Korea to be introduced to him, he’s going to be missing what he considers his balls. Since I know he likes kids and I would like more grandkids, I suggest you have a little chat with him.’”
“Oh I love your mom. Seriously though, why hasn’t he reached out to her or your family? They’re pretty cool, well maybe not your extended family but you know what I mean.”
“I don’t know, I guess it hasn’t come up? I mean, I talk about them all the time. I’m pretty sure he’s sick of all the pictures I show him of my brother’s kids. I talk to my mom all the time, it isn’t like he hasn’t had a chance to pop his head on the screen and say hi. Maybe she does scare him lol.”
“I’m sure she’d be happy with him just doing the Skype thing. I’m sure she just wants to get to know him; not the celebrity him. Can you blame her?”
“No. I’m just not sure how to bring it up with him.”
“Is it important to you?”
“Well, yeah. It’s my family, they’re kind of important.”
“He loves you, so I’m pretty sure it will be important to him.”
You hear her sigh and then hear a five minute call in the background.
“I have to go, everyone’s back from lunch.”
“Are you going to be home tonight?”
She laughs and then mischievously asks, “Why? Are you wanting to know or Gil?”
You try to sound indignant.
“Both! Hey, I moved here to be with you. Remember? Miss non-existent roommate of mine.”
“I know, I know. I haven’t heard from Ji today so I’ll have to let you know. My shoot ends at 7, they want some night shots. I’ll let you know when I do, okay?”
“Going to have to be I guess. Talk to you later.”
While Jak’s worried about how to broach the subject of her family with Jiyong,; you’re worried about how to broach the subject of Gil wanting to move in, with Jak. It really won’t be a problem, the two of you have always talked about anything and everything, its just getting her in the same room for more than five minutes.
On the way to your weekly meeting you're stopped by the head boss and pulled into his office.
“[YN], have a seat. You’ve been with us how long now?”
“Two months?”
“Not 90 days yet huh? Hm.”
That’s an unsettling comment, it’s a 90 day probationary period, are they wanting to let you go before that? You thought you’d been doing a good job. You quickly rack your brain for any major or minor mistakes you may have made lately on any campaign or with a client.
“Is there a problem? Have my sketches not been what the clients wanted?”
He looks over at you in surprise.
“What? Oh no... no! The clients all love you! My inbox is full of complimentary emails about you and your work ethic. I just thought you’d been here the 90 days; give me just a minute.”
He picks up his phone and turns his chair away from you. Can you say awkward? Thankfully you still don’t understand a lot of Korean and can only pick up your name, the word possibility, and phrase, are you sure? You look around at the pictures on his wall and desk. It's not hard to not eavesdrop when you don’t understand the conversation. A few minutes later he turns back to you with a smile as he hangs up his phone.
“I don’t need 90 days. Perfect, perfect!”
He’s rubbing his hands together and smiling at you. Now, it’s getting slightly creepy.
You say, trying and hoping that it will prompt him into telling you why he pulled you in here.
“Yes, yay. Unless you have plans to leave us and go work somewhere else? You like it here right?”
“Oh yes sir. Everyone has been very nice and super helpful. The clients have been great to work with; it’s been a lot of fun. I’d rather not leave if you’re not making me.” You smile hopefully.
He laughs, stands up and ushers you to the door.
“Come, we are late for the meeting.”
You’re now more confused and don’t have any more information then you did before. You follow him down the hall and into the already full conference room. As you attempt to make your way to the back, he grabs you by the wrist and ushers you up front with him. Your eyes open wide in confusion as you look around at all the faces wondering the same thing you are; what exactly are you doing up there?
Ooooo what's happenin
Ooo boss man seems something good maybe?!
OH no what are you doing mr. Boss guy😨
oh no.... lol
Oooo, a happy cliffhanger. I hope it is. why is boss man so happy?
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