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I think the hardest part of learning a new language is simply WHERE TO START!?

Basic vocab?

Hello, thank you, please, etc!

Swear words and slang?

Enough to understand song lyrics?

The alphabet?

What did you want to learn first?!

I learned the ALPHABAT (see what I did there 😏 no?.. Ok 😞 lol) first. Then because of kdramas and Kpop I had already learned some phrases. Then I started to learn more words and to read and speak it (writing too but I don't find that as hard). But then I don't have a set schedule (I can't really keep those like I start good but then it goes down real quick lol) anyways now at the stage I'm in now I can understand for the most part but I can't make sentences or really translate that well like I only know a few words here and there but not enough to be like completely know what you're talking about. But I still think it's pretty good because well I taught myself and well I'm not gonna give up. Plus I confuse Japanese sometimes like I was doing this quiz to see how good my Korean was and the word I had to translate was bunny πŸ‡ but all I could think of was γ†γ•γŽ (usagi the Japanese word) and the correct one (correct me if I'm wrong I don't really remember it) was 토끼 (tokki the Korean one) wow did I just get off topic? 😳
I start over like I child would. basic vocab, what things are, etc. Then I get into the rules and the alphabet and all that.
enough to understand the lyrics. but now i want to speak it as if i was born speaking it. and i want to vist korea being able to speak it.
Alphabet.... At least it works for sign language XD
I started with the alphabet. Practicing the name of the letters, writing, and the sounds they make. And youtube videos. Otherwise, I was already listening to the music and watching kdramas. It's best to surround yourself with the language as much as possible if you want to learn it.
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