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So I decided to to watch Kyungsoo's movie because I have Exo Fever and Dramafever had it. I fell in love with Kyungsoo acting when I watched It's Okay, That's Love. (Just to let you know I am very bad at summarizing) Let's begin, So it starts out at a radio studio where the main character is doing a live show. He then opens a letter that he read out on air. As he got to the end of the letter he notice that it was a close friend that wrote the letter. When the music starts playing, he goes in a flashback memory of his younger years in 1991. When going into the memories there are five friends, Bum Sil, Soo Ok, San Dol, Gae Duk, and Gil Ja. Bum Sil (who is played by Kyungsoo) and San Dol both have feelings for Soo Ok. So theres a little love triangle going on.
The video above is when Bum Sil was trying to cheer up Soo Ok but all she wanted to do was sing at the festival at the elementary school. And she did. Lol I laughed so hard at Kyungsoo dancing. So a little after the festival, Soo Ok learns from Bum Sil that she will never be able to walk again after her right leg goes bad. She tought she was going to get surgery but the doctor said it wouldn't happen. She tried to persuade her father into letting her do the surgery but he wouldn't allow her. So she ended up on a cliff in the rain and cried out to her decreased mom. She told her father that she would rather be dead instead of being alive and not being able to walk. So she committed suicide. The next day when Bum Sil went to go find Soo Ok, he couldn't find her until he joined the crowd on the cliff. He did the only thing he could think of and that was going into the water and bring Soo Ok back on the land but it was already to late for her. So they did a three day funeral infront of her house. And by this time I was in tears, crying my head off. I know this is a spoiler but I had to put it in. As it goes in the present time it shows the four friends grieving about their friend as the live radio goes on. One of the friends ends up going to the studio and bringing a cassette tape with him. He puts the tape in and plays it and hears Soo Ok voice as she does the last ending. The next day the four friends meet up and go to Soo Ok grave. I really enjoyed this movie even though it made me cry but it was worth to watch. I hope those of you who watch in the feature will enjoy it like I did. And I'm sorry for any spoilers. ^_^   @MichelleIbarra @KaeliShearer @MsLoyalHeart @terenailyn @MeghanJorgina @Kpossible4250 @TesneemElAlami @RandomName @Stefany17 @Allyson3333 @KassyGuz96 @tiffany1922 @christianliu @EmilyPeacock @Keniaaxox @sarahdarwish @DanaMichelle @faith92 @RedChord @morhilge1441 @MelissaGarza @BetseyBleau @MrsBangYongguk @Animezkpopgirl @CLAKPOP@StefaniTre  @QueenLee @kpopandkimchi @MariaMontoya1 @SindyHernandez @leelee12 @MayraYanez @AmberRelynn @deilig @EleanorKriegel @SashaLove @KAddict @NadineEsquivel @leab259 @KaiJae @Jaysbae13 @TishForde @JadeOwens @Princess2425 @BangtansWife95 @MaritessSison  @conversehigh @KassyGuz96 @HurdKpop @IsisMayaVelasco @sung1rl199674 @SerenaArthurs  @Eliortiz13  @CheniseLewis  @CheyenneJessee  @Bizzycx  @ParkHwaYoung @MomoChamie  @BridgetJara  @RKA916 @EmmaJolie @JeniseRamos  @letsloveshinee @resavalencia  @Pheobe324  @Tweety19  @MelinaHernandez  @AvisSpirit @ammagrande @SuniWilcox
I was the same I cried so hard for the friends
I watched it last night, not knowing anything about it. I thought the acting was good but the plot was too predictable. It reminded me of an American movie but I can't remember the title.
@JaxomB lol I don't like analysing movies or book but yes it was predictable. but agree on the acting part ^_^
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