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Modeling is not easy especially when you can't predict the runway stage condition. Earlier last month, a model for Maticevski runway was seen falling wearing a pair of sky high heels. Photographers were so ready to snap every awkward move she made and turn it into an embarrassing meme. Except, her moves were so gracefully and she got walked it off with style. Not injuries but it could have been serious considering the slippery platform.

You would have thought the stage designer learn its lesson.

Recently, in the 2017 March Jacobs Resort Show, models Estella Boersma and Kiki Willems slipped and one of them fell down on the slippery stage. You can see the audience pulling out their hand trying to provide assistant but the models walked it off gracefully until the end of their catwalk. Great job on that slide Kiki Willems!

Runway producers need to consider changing the stage!