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Long story short I fell for my best friend but he didn't feel the same. Shortly after that I cut my hair and he started to date someone else the next week. We are still friends though so I guess that's a silver lining
Thanks it does hurt to see him with someone else but I will be okay so will you in time
that's kinda sad. I had a friend and she hooked me up with her best friend whom I didn't know well and we started going on double dates. it lasted a while but when she left as an exchange student everything fell apart. I started growing out my hair and broke up with her. breaking up was the worst decision I have ever made, we are friendly to each other but I am in incredible pain even now and that was 9 months ago. I have no clue why I shared this but know that your not the only one who lives through pain
watch the 4th pic in the first group?