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okay so this is my first card and I just hope it goes well sooo here we gooooo
I got this sexy beast!! But we all know that behind this hotness is a cutie pie
he just looks so innocent!!! ( tbh he looks like Jungkook )
He also was in so many dramas and in an MV. It was DBSK'S balloons
but now look how grown up he's become. and he is only a year older than me!!!!! ( I'm a '99 baby he is a '98)
and yet he still is sassy with his member!
just an extra. I thought this was cool so I just had to add it
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👏💗💗 Awe I love the adorable maknae
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he's such a cute little bean😍
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oh so he your ikon angel
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Awww I remember him in Balloons!! He was such an adorable little kid now he's a very handsome young man....but he's still the adorable dorky cutie we all know and love no matter what! 💖💖
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