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(this is the shirt) So today at a company picnic I met one of my follow employee's daughter. She was helping us set up. She was around 16 or 17 I want to say. So she was like 6 years my junior. She just so happened to put her hair to the side, which reviled her black butler t shirt. I saw that and was like, " I like your black butler shirt." Her eyes lit up!! like oh my gosh this adult knows about anime! type look which was one of the best feelings ever seeing someone's face light up like that!! So during the rest of the picnic she hung out with me and we talked about Anime and different ones she's seen and ones she wants to watch. it was really something!!! it's towards the end of the picnic and one of my managers was getting ready to leave and was saying bye to everyone. he came to where her and I were sitting and was like, "who's this...your sister?...you never said you had a sister? " she didn't correct him... which was so cute!! (being the only girl amongst my siblings this was so sweet) It was another guy at the table that said something, telling the manager who she really was. Thank you for reading!!! share your stories if you have any like this one. =^_^=
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that's amazing, anime truly is the key to people's hearts