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Anyone know some sad and tragic yaoi manga doujinshi are fine to
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@aiaconcarne I've seen the anime but haven't read the manga I'll have to check out then
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@KanekiXTouka oh right. another one is Hybrid Child. same mangaka of sekaiichi and junjou. I can only recommend them based on my friends' suggestions bec. I haven't watched nor read it bec. I'm too afraid I'd be depressed.馃槀
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oh god not hybrid child I cried so much for that, it was my first yaoi anime ever, and the best one
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@CindyLin exactly why I am so scared to read or watch it. bl is supposed to be my go-to read if i just want to unwind. i don't want it to scar me. but yes, i believe it is beautiful considering it's shungiki nakamura's.馃槍
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@aiaconcarne true, I love all the mangas by shungiki Nakamura, its all so amazing 馃槅
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