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Los Angeles is a huge city with many hidden gems. I grew up at the heart of LA but never really explored the city until high school. Due to extracurricular projects from academic clubs I started navigating through the city and unraveled many places I missed during my childhood. They were mainly hole in the wall eateries and museums. After college, due to work I discovered another side of LA. The Fashion District. This place was magical. You can basically find clothes 50% off retail price. While sourcing for a spring/summer collection I found out through Nordstrom stock ups their junior section with some brands from the LA fashion boutiques. For the most part, this city is made for wholesale business. So, you do need a reseller's license to purchase from some of the shops.
There are a couple fashion boutiques that sell clothes at retails price. In addition, there is an entire alley dedicated for non-licensed fashion enthusiast.

Santee Alley

Think of this place as a farmers's market for fashion. It's open 7 days a week from 9:30 ot 6pm. You can find accessories, formal dresses, and clothes at bargain. When you're tired from shopping they have a bunch of small food shops ready to fill your stomach. Overall, it's a fun festive vibe. It does get crowded on Saturdays.
Check out the stores in their official website.

California Market Center

They have a bunch of event this summer you don't want to miss. Sample sale lovers, I'm talking to you. They have about about 13 floors of showroom you can browse through and the best part - you don't need to a wholesale buyer. It's open to the public. Here are some events hosted by California Market Center this summer.
Schedule of events here.

Summer Sample Sale and Dog Adoption Fair

Learn more about the event here.

The Saturday Sale

Hosted by CMC on selected Saturdays, once a month. You can find designer items for $20 or less. Those items are composed of sample sales or overstocked goods. It's a like a thrift shop but all the items are new and unworn. The only thing is sizing may vary due to limited stock.
Find out their schedule here.
Oh Santee...I've given you so many paychecks.
@petname83 That's good to know! I really have to visit states outside of California more often. There are so many great places. The last I drove out was for Vegas Buffet and Utah's Zion National Park.
Valley fair is awesome. second only to Wisconsin dell's @cindystran
@cindystran I will keep that in mind lol. my only goal this year though I valley fair and keeping my kids in one piece until vacation is over
@petname83 If you have the time for a road trip this summer, LA is not a bad destination. :D
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