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Something really uplifting happened this weekend in the midst of all the hatred and bloodshed.

In Korea, a very conservative and Christian nation, there is huge opposition to LGBT rights. Every year, the Pride Festival is met with violent protestors and often is even shut down or ruined by the government itself.
This year, mothers and fathers of young Koreans who identify as LGBT came out to the Pride celebration to embrace other young Koreans. Some how have been thrown out of their homes because of their sexual orientation, some who will never feel a parent's loving embrace again.

The video is really positive, and I hope it gives you all some hope during this dark time.

I was raised as a Christian and still have my beliefs to this day but I do not judge anyone on their sexual orientation or lifestyle. I am not one to judge. I believe that you are a human with your life struggles, just as I am and as long as you are happy, I am happy for you. Love, optimism, peace, and well being should be given. I love this video and it made me cry. Made me sad to feel all of the people who hide themselves. Be you and live your life. We only have one to live so l8ve it how you see fit and to the fullest 💓
That's so beautiful
@Vay754 I'm the same way, but with me I came out to my parents saying I was bisexual. Their reaction scared me, because they're strictly against it that they were angry when I said it. They're still in denial of what I said to this day 😔 I really upsets me that they say that they love me with all their heart daily, but can't except that part of me. My brothers and sisters except it and support me, and that makes me happy. It's just as long as I live under my parents roof, I have to hide it. It's a struggle, but I'm already making plans on living on my own so I don't have to worry 😊
This is really beautiful ♥️ It's a wonderful thing to see that there are people like this in Korea. It brings hope that people are gradually becoming more open minded. It gives me good thoughts for the future, wishing that the amount of people will slowly grow till it's not longer an issue.
That is beautiful. It's gonna make me cry lol
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