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House Cleaning For Dummies
This is me pretty much every time I clean. I buy so many boxes, fill so all those boxes with so many things, and then when it comes to finding them again, I make a mess just digging through those boxes to find what I was looking for!

Do you have any cleaning tips? What helps you stay organized?

(Or are you just another hot mess like me?)
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put list of stuff on the box~
a year ago·Reply
buy clear storage boxes and use smaller boxes for storage from ikea.. label them. makes it 100 times easier to find stuff..
a year ago·Reply
@Tshaan THAT'S REALLY SMART. I have a bunch of smaller boxes, but I don't have the big clear ones.
a year ago·Reply
@danidee check out walmart.. they always got it goin on sale...
a year ago·Reply
@Tshaan Walmart is the true MVP. Especially now that back to school dorm stuff season is coming up.
a year ago·Reply