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K I'm not really disappearing (sorry if I gave you mini heart-attack (∩︵∩) ) My Church is going camping for the rest of this week so I made up some timed cards so i dont take longer to post some thing. If you have questions go head and ask them hopefully someone else will answer it or your going to have to wait until get back. I'm leaving early in the morning on Monday so by the time you read this I'll already be you guys see ya soon ♥‿♥
If you wish to be, or not, tagged in any further cards plz feel free to comment or PM me. Thank You^^
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Have fun!!!
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i have a friend who is going camping today too and it is also fir church
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that's when you plot burning the house down just to make sure the bastard is dead
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2 years ago·Reply
have fuhuuuuuun!!!!!!
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