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currently night fishing while posting this
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@Znae she's plenty focused she just can't do anything with that focus with no unique skills or actually adaptability to use said skills she stands out as the one who just stands there.
@ZephyrBlaze also in the beginning her priorities were in the wrong place. And what I mean by unfocused is that while she was always smart her mind was always on other things.
when I first started watching Naruto I had a great dislike for her because she was not living up to her potential.
still useless caused the entire series to shift
@Znae her only priority was Sasuke which is very sad because even her back story was about SASUKE she never had potential to live up to it's not like her mom was a super skilled ninja unlike Naruto or Sasuke hell even Shikimaru. She was just a disappointment always the princess peach of the series and it never really changed in shippuden except there she just didn't do anything rather than being useless AND never doing anything