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One brave soul over at Buzzfeed decided he wanted to become a Kpop star, so naturally, Amber came in to help.

In Amber's words...

"Never give up, shake your little butt, and do something crazy!"

Would you want to try the idol lifestyle for a week or two? For LIFE!?

This is my dream. When I'm passionate about something, I can do whatever it takes. When I watched this a few days ago, I couldn't help being excited about it and it just made me want to do it more. I know it's an incredible amount of work and it takes all the dedication and determination in the world, but when you love what you do, it makes all that hard work and sacrifice worth it. Bring it on, I'm up for the challenge.
I can do it! It does look insanely hard but watching this only made me want to do it more and dont get me wrong I know this will be a challenge of extreme difficulty especially since I lack confidence a lot but I'd do it.
Yes I'd try it, only at YG though cause they get more freedom!!!! Although seriously I probably wouldn't handle it XD
Steven did a good job for being more like a dad with his dancing abilities! He was dedicated though! Haha very proud of him. Personally it reminds me on when I used to be in Folklorico and I had to practice for hours and hours since I thought I could be a professional one day haha I sang for 2 hours. Danced folklorico for 3 and worked on my flexibility for 2 hours.. Daily.
I feel like its an amazing opportunity and experience! and if I was given the opportunity I would take it on not only because of my love for K-pop but also it will give me a set of skills like dancing and singing. Of course its hard work but you will need to work to make it to the top! that's why you need to be really determined. I honestly would work my butt off (:
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