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So if you've seen my first card you would know i have a LOT of BTS pics to post for two reasons 1) no phone storage.... and my phone keeps acting up so i need to clear space(TдT) so vingle will be my storage for these pics 2) more importantly BTS ANNIVERSARY why not celebrate by spamming the vingle community with our 7 beautiful boys hehehe Unfortunately only 50 photos can be on one card... and i have over 1000 BTS photos.... so this will take a while -_- welp onward to continue my spam(^^)/ and sorry for the overuse of these emojis, they come with this Korean keyboard i downloaded and i find them absolutely adorable ʕ•ٹ•ʔ
oops somehow Chanyeol ended up in my BTS folder... oh well I'll just keep him here...
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