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Shipping Sunday! Kryber!!

The super cute ship of Amber and Krystal in F(X)!!!
They are so cute together
always laughing
and having fun ^^
*right in the feels*
They are always dancing with each other lol
Find fanfiction here!

Do you ship it?!

Thanks for the suggestion!! Find more ships here!
I don't ship haha plus I don't really listen to f(x) I've listened to a few of their songs but I haven't really found one I've liked. They aren't really my style. I LOVE Amber's solo work though
YASSS finally someone does it!!! love this
@VixenViVi OH EM GEE! 😱😍 I definitely ship this!!!
I had no idea i would feel this way after seeing that....... but....... IM TOTALLY SHIPPING ❣💟💞💝💜💓💔💕💗💖
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