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I don't like sharing any relationship that isn't me and my dog on social media.

It actually took me a long time to get comfortable sharing things here on Vingle about my boyfriend, and I still don't reveal his name or face.

In this short Buzzfeed clip, they discuss the topic of "official" relationships.

They talk about something interesting:

Cherish vs Broadcasting

Do you think that making your relationship a big part of your social media life actually taints it or makes it less special? Would you rather have the relationship be just between the two people involved?

What's the purpose behind sharing your relationship so openly on social media?

And of course this card wouldn't be complete without this music video...

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@WillBryan.... Yea that could be.... You should not think about it much... If you are feeling guilty or something... Then there's a problem.... If you are ok and it doesn't really matter then it doesn't matters... Because when we doubt ourselves then comes the problem... I am an open person you might be not... My bro too isn't that open about everything... But i know that's the way he is and i know when something is important he comes to me..!!
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@BanalataBera yea totally, i don't/ did not intend to come across as disagreeing with you on anything ive seen you say thus far. really what i was saying was a meams lf helping people understand/take things with a grain a salt and also just don't believe everything you read on the internet and then go off and galavant screaming triumphantly towards the heavens and to any with an ear that , well for instance," turtles are actually a subspecies of seagulls because sand and dirt 馃槍" correlation is not causation is essentially my point through hyperbole. yeah? take that with a grain of salt too please whosoever has read this far and good day haha
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I'm still happily living the single life. Never been in a relationship so I wouldn't know.
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I'd rather keep it secret from social media. Cuz Idgaf when my FB friends post about their relationships and I know some of my friends dgaf, so nah.
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I sometimes think people feel they need to be in a relationship to not "look weird to others". Let me say this to my younger Vinglers ...which is probably most of Don't worry about being in a relationship until you firmly establish who you are in your own mind...or in other yourself first...Then the person who is meant to be your soul mate will find you easily. Trust me it will eliminate all those "fake" relationships where people try to be something they are not.
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