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Only the ARMYs will know know the inside jokes that the boys share with us daily. With Infires, U got no jams, my heartu, and much more. All of us Armies have come to understand (and accept) with:
With the start of Namjoon telling Jimin he has no jams and then Hobi and his heartu and dirty water.
Jungkook and his passionate love of lamb skewers. Suga was the one who introduced them to him. He and Suga have even decided on an official name for their lamb skewer restaurant in the future.
Oppas Traffic Light dance......
Hobi and his loud and bright personality, J-hope is also known for his many facial expressions, like J-nope. He also is called JHORSE for his long face structure.
V and his toilet friends.
Suga: Savage, swag, sass along with his many sayings he has. like he would like to reborn as a rock.
Dance Monster Destruction Monster Pink Monster.
I am so proud of them and I'm sure we all have used most if these inside jokes around non kpopers. I know I have and they give me a confessed looked. only us ARMYS would know the meaning behind each if this jokes or sayings. Happy 3 years boys. here is the link to read more. 7 Things Only BTS Stans Understand:
Can't forget "Excuse me!!!" ??
SO WHO WAS LYING IN THAT VID!?! XD I feel like its Taehyung
Aha this is an awesome card. They have brought us so many sayings and inside jokes and I am happy to be an ARMY and so very proud of these boys. Happy three years indeed!
Also V, rap line's biggest fanboy!
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