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Written by: suga-of-daegu
Starring: BTS' Jimin, Reader
Sex You (<---- Wattpad)
Written by: hellchyeahZL
Don't take candies from a stranger, they say.
Candies might be sweet and pleasing to the eyes but you never know what's in store for you once you take a bite.
But what if the circumstances are changed; what if you knew what the consequences of your action will result to?
When I Met You (<---- Wattpad)
Written by: hellchyeahZL
Let's Not Fall In Love (<---- Wattpad)
Written by: yovnghee
True Love (<---- Wattpad)
Written by: Beakhyunnie
Favorite Ex (<---- Wattpad)
Written by: UnwrittenWordsByCKY
Description: Luhan and Hyemi are exes. But they're not a normal pair of ex's. Their relationship was built solely on their physical chemistry, an area in which they were remarkably compatible in. However, as their relationship progressed the number of fights had increased along with the intense make-up sex. Now that they're not tied together by a romantic string, they can't seem to get enough of each other. Suddenly when a young tycoon, Oh Sehun, comes into Hyemi's life, Luhan feels an urge to keep her all to himself, but he isn't sure if it's because he could very well jeopardize this sexual relationship he shares with Hyemi or if it's a completely different reason altogether.
Written by: UnwrittenWordsByCKY
Description: A single mother (Do Seokyung), of a 2 year old son (Do Kyungsoo) has finally moved on from her hopeless past of her child's father (Oh Sehun). Her current lover (Byun Baekhyun) and best friend (Kai) gave her all the strength she needed and now she's finally free. But what happens when her 2 year old son's father enters their life again.
My Warrior Princess (<---- Wattpad)
Written by: UnwrittenWordsByCKY
Description: "Why should I believe you ?" "You're the only one who can make me smile the way I do..." ... "Why should I trust you ?" "Because deep down inside you already do, you're just afraid. But let me ask you this... why are you afraid of me ?" ... "Why are you doing this to me ?" "Isn't it obvious how much I care about you ?" ... "Ka, I can handle myself without you." "But I can't." ... "Life before you was fine and life after you will continue to be fine." "Life before you was okay, life with you is undescribable, life without you would just be hell." ... "I don't believe you and I don't think I'll ever learn to." "I gave up my player life for you and this is what you give me ?" "Well... now you know how they feel."
Strictly Professional (<---- Wattpad)
Written by: UnwrittenWordsByCKY
Description: The Han Family owns the hottest magazine company. The older daughter Sora is the Chief Editor while the younger daughter Bora is the assistant editor. Bora was given her position because she was the baby of the family with her Associate’s Degree. Sora, on the other hand has graduated with her Master’s and is continuing to achieve her Doctoral. When the girls were young they had different dreams from where they are now. Though most people would be happy to be in either of their shoes, the secrets held deep within their hearts finally come to light once two foreign males walk into their lives and stir shit up.
"Let's keep this relationship strictly professional. I prefer not to mix business with pleasure."
Oppa's Love (<---- Wattpad)
Written by: UnwrittenWordsByCKY
Description: When you’re around boys all the time you start to act like one. Min Yoonji lives with her older brother who loves her dearly. He’s an over-protective brother that he doesn’t let any guys near her unless they’re his friends or they’re good friends of hers. But what happens when his friends get too close to her? Will she understand their feelings? Will she too fall for one of his friends? And can she be able to break her brother’s over-protective rein? “I want to be your oppa.”
Written by: author-nimxx
Written by: author-nimxx
If I was his Ms. Right (<---- Wattpad)
Written by: Starish10
Description: "It never came up to my mind to be with you, to you be my first kiss, and to fall for you. Because I wasn't your Ms. Right,-" he suddenly grabbed my waist that made my body be that near to him. He held my spine and passionately kissed me. "Just, shh... I didn't request any Ms. Right,"
Mr Arrogant (<---- Wattpad)
Written by: wtkfics
Description: What happens when a good girl meets a bad boy? Lee Hyejin dreads to go to school because of one name. Kim Taehyung - The notorious kid in school, known as the big bully and a rebel and behaves like a weird person, foreign to everyone.
Taehyung and Hyejin always pick up a fight when they face each other, no one knows why, they just always do. What will happen to this two?
Written by: onlyyouB
Description: Bomi and baekhyun have been in a relationship 5 years from now. What if 1 night they made a mistake that could broke them apart. What will be bomi's reason for taking a revenge on baekhyun? Will bomi fall inlove with baekhyun again?
Written by: sitonthechair
Description: Byun Baekhyun and Lee Jieun were separated as close childhood friends but when they meet again 8 years later, neither of them recognize each other. They are spiralled into a world of arranged marriage, complicated business and family matters and unexplainable feelings for each other. Will they learn to love each other again?
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I read Mr. Arrogant and it was so good, there's also a sequel to it