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My favorite teacher would have to be Kakashi! He watches over Team 7 like a hawk and even though it he may not show it he truly cares about each one of them. He also taught them very valuable lessons and jutsus. One example is his philosophy about friends, "One who breaks the rules is scum, but if one abandons their freinds then they are worse than scum." He also taught Sasuke his chidori and helped guide Sakura through the tough times. However, I can't just choose one teacher because Jiraiya is also one of my favorites.
Jiraiya is one of my favorites because he was like a father to Naruto. He taught Naruto important lessons and gave him his fathers' technique the Rasengan. He protected Naruto throughout most of the series and even showed him how to make a contract with the toads. He even accepted Naruto after he was almost killed by him. Jiraiya was such an important part of Narutos' life and was also a great teacher. @tayhar18920