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i am going to say jhope is holding kookies wrist and possibly around kookie too (because kookies jacket is over that arm) and then jimin is holding/because of perspective is holding whose hand that is. and then the person next to jimin (jin i think) is just standing there and because of picture angle makes it look like he has his arm around jimin. but it is actually jimin holding his own arm (look at how the hand is turned)
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@AgentLeo that's what I thought it was just Jimin holding his own arm and then Jhope holding kookie's arm up and it kinda looks Mike kookie's hand is placed nicely by jimins....
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Realllllyyyyyyyyy slick jikook.. Realllllyyyyyyyyy slick.. Somebody spotted you tho
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Just saw yoonmin, Vkook, VMin and Minkook/Jikook posts... So basically BTS just cheating among themselves *sigh*
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