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...when you bring up how much you love anime?

It's something I see people talking about often:

that when they bring up anime or people find out they like anime, other people really are rude to them, make fun of them, whatever.

The thing is...

I've personally experienced this only once or twice!! Maybe I'm just lucky? But I really am not afraid to show off the fact that I like anime! It's just another kind of media - like movies or books or music, and there's no reason to be ashamed of loving it.

I've found that people don't hate anime.

A lot of people might think "okay yeah that's weird" but they're not hateful or mean about it. And honestly, if they were, I'd be happy that they were not going to be part of my life, because who needs that kind of negativity & blind hatred in their lives?
I've met so many great friends through conventions or sharing a love of a show. Friends I know that don't like anime are still interested in the stories & interseting things I share with them FROM anime!!

My one bad experience...

I went on a sort of date with this guy, and he seemed really interested in my cosplaying & watching anime, so I told him more about it and clearly started to show how passionate I am about it. He then said something along the lines of never realizing a "girl like you" could be into anime.
I almost let it go thinking that it was good he was realizing that anyone can like anime, but then he laughed and made another comment about how young I am and how it won't last like that.
Umm, no. He didn't get a second date :)

How do people react when you express your interest in anime?

Is it really all negative?
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i feel like it's usually negative unless the other person turns out to be a closet anime lover then we're like bffs XD
Only a few of my friends understand why I love anime so much since they watch it myself, then others just don't get anime and don't understand how I can watch a whole show of 52 episodes before even considering watching an episode of Game of Thrones, then the haters call me a weeb
at first thanks to@hikaymm.. yeah anime in my liked list ..
Ive never really noticed other people that weren't already in my tiny circle of friends...