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Oh MAN was this a great episode!! I mean, they all are, but I was happy to have a relatively happy episode where nothing super bad happened. I felt like I was a kid at a rave, waiting for the beat to drop lol....and all panic to break loose.
Anyways ~SPOILER WARNING through episode 11 of Re: Zero~
There was no cliffhanger this episode, this worries me more than when we actually get a cliffhanger. Seriously!!! It's like I should be content & happy but actually I'm sitting here like BUT WHY CANT THEY BE HAPPY FOREVER!!!

Rem route, complete!

I loveeeeddddd the way Subaru and Rem came to be friends in this. I mean, Ram is important, too, but it's so clear that Rem really needed a friend like Subaru to give her worth on her own. And they did so well together! So cute!!!

And Emilia tan said yes to his date!!!

Great. Another thing to worry me about what is going to happen to keep this date from happening, lol....

Roswell gives me the creeps.

I know he's technically the one protecting Emilia & crew, and he "saved" Ram & Rem.....but Ram has also sort of pledged herself to him since then or something?It's only Ram & him....because he's the one that took off her horn I guess? I'm not even sure. But there's obviously something there & it's freaking me out!
Also, why does he want to kill the dragon? Wasn't the dragon the one who kept the witch at bay? Clearly, the wtich is someone we are at first told we should hate -- Rem seems to hate her. She recoils at the smell of the witch. Others dont' as strongly, and Ram is clearly on Roswall's side....but I still think he is the one that cut her horn off, and Rem would never forgive him that, I believe.

Lastly....I gotta mention that delayed OP

I was SO AMAZED WHEN IT STARTED PLAYING that I checked when it started. More than 10 minutes into the episode. Seriously, how amazing is that!!!! THey know how to make an IMPACT with a song we've all grown attached to, and I really felt it!
A fantastic episode and we got to learn more about Rem and ram's past. The moments with Rem and him asking Emilia on a date gave me so many feels. Also can't wait to see what roswaal is talking about with this dragon and how this witch fits into all of this
@hikaymm right! I've had so many theories about the witch, the dragon and subaru but I want to see what's going to hit us next
@assasingod Seriously!!! It definitely felt great but too calm in terms of scary development considering all the things going on.
@LuffyNewman It's SOOOOO GOOD!!! I'm glad you're digging this show :)
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