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Well as we all know that Jiraya is one of the legendary sannin who have been taught by the 3rd hokage himself Haruzen Sarutobi alongside with Tsunade and Orochimaru. He was a great teacher ,a Tod sage who taught this methods to Minato Namikaze and Naruto Uzumaki.


Jiraiya has displayed many Jutsus, such as: --"Dome Formation Method" a radar-like ability where he can detect his opponent's slightest movement. --"Needle Jizou" where his hair becomes steel-like spikes that wrap around his body for both defensive and offensive purposes. --"Fire Blowing" where he breathes a continuous stream of fire at an enemy. --"Swamp of the Underworld" where he creates a tar-like pit of various sizes beneath his opponents to trap and incapacitate them. --"Giant Fire Blast" where Jiraiya blows a large continuous blaze. --"Hair Needle Barrage" where he turns his hair into steel-like needles and shoots them at high rates of speed. --"Frog Transformation" where he forcibly transforms his opponent into a tiny frog. --"Rasengan" where he creates an intense ball of drilling chakra. --"Rasenrengan" is where Jiraiya uses two Rasengans at the same time. --"Ultimate Rasengan" where he creates a colossal Rasengan capable of hollowing a mountain. --"Shadow Clone" where he creates a copy of himself that is capable of fighting and using techniques, but sufficient damage will make them disperse. --"Silhouette Flattening Manipulation" where he fuses to another's shadow and controls their body and mind, the duration of this technique is however long he can hold his breath. He can also use it to hide in any shadow. --"Toad Oil Blast" where he spews a large amount of thick, slippery, flammable oil from his mouth. --"Wild Lion's Mane" where he extends his steel-like hair and uses it like tendrils to bind and impale his opponent. --"Transparency," a technique that has only been mentioned where he claims that he has never been caught (peeping) with it. Jiraiya also has "Sage Mode," where he gains a large boost in strength, speed, endurance, ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, and chakra by harnessing natural energy. It only lasts 5 minutes at a time, however. Jiraiya is also a master summoner and seal expert. His summons employ the usage of frogs/toads that support him in battle, some possessing their own techniques. His summoning techniques include: --"Toad Mouth Binding" where he summons the esophagus of a giant fire-breathing toad around himself and his enemies. With this, the enemies become stuck to the sticky insides and get covered in strong stomach acid, and tendrils can also reach from the "walls" to grab enemies that try to escape. It also provides excellent protection from outside attacks. --"Food Cart Destroyer" where he summons a giant frog on top of his enemies to crush them. --"Toad Oil Fireball" where a toad spews enough oil to cover a small village and Jiraiya ignites it with his fire. --"Deep Fryer" with the assistance of Fukasaku and Shima: Jiraiya spews a tidal wave of oil that Shima ignites with her fire and Fukasaku makes hotter with his wind. --"Toad Gourd Prison" where Jiraiya transports his opponent into a lake of highly corrosive stomach acid. He is able to summon many frogs/toads, some of which have been: An unnamed size-altering frog which he and others can travel in.A unnamed small bottle-shaped frog.A gigantic sword-carrying frog named GamahiroAn unnamed toad that wears heavy armor.A small toad he uses as a scout named GamakichiA large unnamed toad that he rides on.A half frog/half scroll that he keeps in his stomach that contains Jiraiya's and Minato's secrets named Geratora.A building-sized toad that carries a large spiked weapon and a shield named Gamaken. The gigantic chief toad himself, Gamabunta. Not only does he bolster immense strength and endurance as well as skill with a short sword, he is also able to spew "Toad Oil Blast" in large proportions and use a jutsu called "Water Bullets" where he spits a volley of huge balls of condensed water at his opponent(s). He is grizzled and ornery though and only reluctantly works with Jiraiya. The Ni Dai SenninFukasaku and Shima, a bickering 800 year old couple. They are each capable of using Sage Mode. They can also use "Amphibian" which allows them to fuse onto Jiraiya's shoulders which allow them to pump natural energy into him, extending the length of his Sage Mode indefinitely. They can use "Frog Call" to immobilize their opponents with high frequency sound, and are also genjutsu experts; their most powerful genjutsu is a sound-based one called "Frog Confrontation Singing" which binds the body and mind of any enemy that hears it. They also each have their own abilities, Fukasaku possessing an unnamed wind blast along with "War of Words Decapitation" where his tongue becomes super long and cut can easily through steel, and Shima is able to use an unnamed fire blast, "Dust Cloud" to blind the opponents, and "War of Words Binding" where she uses her super-long tongue to restrain even large summons. Jiraiya has used seals thus far to erase the seal Orochimaru placed on Naruto, seal away Itachi's "Amaterasu" technique, and create a seal to suppress the Kyuubi's chakra within Naruto.