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Most of us go through empty lives. It's the most human thing I can think of. We compromise, we follow, therefore we are not happy. How many times have you thought of something you love, but never ever gave it a shot? And why?
You probably came up with a lame reason. You tried to tell yourself that it's impossible, or that you don't have enough time for it, or that it's too hard. I know I did. But our dreams are what make us human. They push us to our limits and make us better in many aspects of our lives.
If you give up on them, you find yourself in an infinite loop of life. And one day you realize something. You realize that the loop is not infinite, someday it will stop. And you will ask yourself what is your purpose anyway. So I'm asking you, do you even dream? And if you do, do you want to make those dreams true?