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Tried another one of Jamie Oliver's recipes this weekend but used a sea snapper instead of a sea bass. The ingredients were bought at E-mart here in Seoul. No lime so used lemon instead. Ingredients - Snapper -ginger -spring onions -red pepper -green hot pepper -garlic -lemon -Japanese parsley (dropwart) Korean~미나리 -fish sauce -soy sauce -sesame oil Instructions -steam fish with half cup of water, cover with foil and place over burner (~15min) (I also squeezed in some lemon juice, it gets rid of the fish smell) [Sauce] -ginger -spring onions -garlic -red pepper & hot green pepper -Japanese parsley (Crush them in the stone or wooden bowl ~ don't remember what that thing is called) -Add fish sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, and lemon juice to taste One the fish is done, pour over the thai sauce Rice is easy: one can of coconut milk, one can of water, one can of cuscus rice or white rice and boil (~15min) Jamie calls this a 15min meal but it really took around 30min.
@PaulLim looks yummy and i love thai cuisine!
@oj1992 hahha I think so yeah ;) and thanks :DD @PaulLim Gordon Ramsey kind of scares me, he seems so aggressive and hostile, for me it looks like he is trying to play the nice guy for the cooking show but in fact he doesn't really care too much xD Jamie olliver seems to be so earnest and honest in comparison to him, which is why I personally enjoy jamie ollivers show more, but I love to watch Gordon Ramsey nonetheless :3
Thanks all! The coconut was great and the fish turned out great. My wife and I cleaned up the plate as you can see of what was left over. lol
@PaulLim the fish looks like perfection!!! how did you like the coconut rice???
this reminds me of my favorite fish dish: steamed grouper in soy-ginger sauce...I had it for the first time in Singapore and fell in love with it, but haven't come across one that good since then.
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