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When the other tigers laugh at you for being white... (it's okay to nap through the BS...) Used to being different... What amazes me is that each wave of idiots who imagine themselves novel for gawking at the obvious, never once asking themselves, "Wait... why is the apex predator *not* interested in us...? More importantly, wtf does *that* mean in the scheme of things? How many waves of idiots led to this *complete indifference* to us... ?" No... it's always, "Hey, Pete! Why don't you throw something at it..." (which is why they're always short stories...)
Every Transformative experience attends some amount of Existential Torment (according to the brochure, "it lends itself to the art of the architecture.") Rough Road Signs don't begin to cut it, some stuff is just plain cruddy, done by cruddy people to others cruddy people, mainly because they chased off or lynched all the other nice people... Stay out of the unmarked dark alleys. Fear is only okay in-as-much as it curbs curiosity to within healthy limits, otherwise, it's just an E-brake... Don't over-think it...