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Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett stated the Cowboys would lean more on the run this year and attempt to balance out their offense. The running games success will largely depend on Demarco Murray's health. Do you think he can play a full season?
@sanityscout Yeah it's about time they finally started to run the ball with some consistency! Makes me think what the Cowboys could have been if they ran the ball instead of throwing 60 times a game...
Now looking at this post a few games into the season - it came true! Murray rocking it as the leading rusher in the NFL. Never would have guessed it last season, but hurray!
<sigh> Isn't that the truth! If I had a penny for every time I yelled that at the television the last three seasons or so... But things are looking up! (don't want to jinx it)
Come on @Saravy . Thoughts?
Without a doubt, murrays ready to go