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So lately FT has gotten really good and I've decided to do weekly updates of the manga:p let me know what you guys think about that.. And I've also put the link of the latest chapter at the very end of this card so enjoy!
Let's start off with August shall we?... This dude is on another level and I'm pretty sure that Natsu, Lucy, and Mest are still alive but Brandish however? I'm not sure she could be very injured, dying, or already dead. I hope we get more of this fight in next week's chapter!
Next we have Cana finally breaking through the Fairy Heart and releasing Mavis from the crystal! I wonder what abilities Mavis will have now in order to stop Zeref... I really hope that at the very end of FT everyone gets a happy ending.. Like I really like Zeref so I hope he doesn't die and I hope he and Mavis can be together because there was a love shared between them in the past...
And finally!!! Lady Irene vs. Acnologia!!!! No lie I also like Acnologia馃槒 I mean he's some serious eye candy for us ladies lol... But anyways Lady Irene has to be pretty strong for Acnologia to have reacted the way he did when she casted her magic spell "One Universe". I mean Acnologia is like 3rd strongest after END Zeref... But now we'll see where he stands.. Personally I don't think he'll be too injured and I don't think Hiro will kill him off anytime soon because he his one of the major villains and he's important to the story line in a way so we'll have wait for the next chapter to see how this plays out.
I think the next chapter is called Zero from what I can tell I'm not too sure so I can't wait!!!!
I give this chapter 10/10. Lately the FT chapters have been really hyped and filled with nothing but greatness I want more chapters like this so keep it up Hiro!!! I hope you've enjoyed the spoilers! Comment below on what you guys thought of this week's chapter and what you guys think will happen next!
Yes you used the spoiler card thank you a d I can't wait for this to be in an anime form it will be so awesome
thank you for using the spoiler card
@BelleofRay I'm not sure yet but I don't think Gajeel is dead anyways... He's to much of an important character to just be killed off like that.... I feel like Hiro did it for the dramatic effect just because it's something we wouldn't expect from him.... He'll come back when he's needed the most
@PRroxx05 I did actually ^^
@SimplyAwkward no problem:) it's good to warn people first so the experience isn't ruined for them...and I hope you enjoyed the card!
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