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@amobigbang thank you. I don't get why they are doing that now. It's dumb.
a year ago·Reply
@amberg171997 you are welcome. They are doing it to make more money.
a year ago·Reply
Unfortunately V App has become nonsense and just wants more money they wouldn't really care for those who are left out they only care for those who pay them.
a year ago·Reply
Sorry I know it may be late but once you open the app they say like you have coins -_- although most of the time their like come buy some but there should be two free ones where they give you it based on your level. So they should have given you the coins for you to collect like you have in your earned pic. Let's just say I used my earned ones on the Bts so I can download the whole video after two weeks. Hope it helped? :)
a year ago·Reply
@sarahdarwish thank you. And yes that helped a lot
a year ago·Reply