lol So I took some screenshots of the BTS Party thingy.
It was so funny and awesome.
They had some "awards"
and votes for best photo, Bangtan Bomb video and whatnot.
They did some hilarious things lol
Anyways, it was 5:50AM when I woke up and it's 7:58AM. I AM DYING.
Have a look! I'm going back to sleep now lol
They made 2 teams and made cakes lol
Jimin and TaeTae were chearleaders lol
YoonGi and Hoseok sang about eating well
NamJoon and Jin attempted dancing hehe it was good though
Kookie and Jimin slayed me with their sexy dance
TaeTae rapped and looked like he wanted to be part of Assassin's Creed
They sang a few songs and they ended with "Fire"
Thank you Bangtan <3