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This was a cute little quiz. Basically asks questions to see how much you know about BTS! Click the link below the pic to find out yours! Or this link:
I got General! Lol okay I need to fall back but my fall back game is weak lol @amobigbang @TaehyungV @MadAndrea @kpopandkimchi @SimplyAwkward (I really should just make a tag list, tell me if you want to be added!)
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Captain, 7/10. I could've gotten 8/10 with the New Zealand one 😩
lol, got general or whatever. but really?? jungkook wanted to be a tatooist?? hmm....interesting..
Yay 10/10 :)
RESULTS: YOU GOT 8 OUT OF 10 CORRECT General of highest order of the A.R.M.Y! We salute you General! You know there is strength in numbers and you're out there trying to convert as many into the A.R.M.Y, but seriously, you could BE the whole A.R.M.Y on your own! The boys should adopt you as a mascot and your rightful place is with them, touring the world, being their spokesperson/pet. We hope to join your ranks one day!