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The feeling you get when someone easily destroys what your trying to protect
remember in Naruto when they first encountered Zabuza, and Kakashi reassured them how he would not allow his comrades to die?
he said this to Sasuke with a smile on his face. but we all know that he was dead serious..
Naruto: "I'll never let a comrade die" (ten tails attack) *Naruto tries to protect everyone.* Obito: You'll never let a comrade die?... Look behind you. This happened about five years later during the great ninja war. Naruto tried to apply the same lessons. And we all know the outcome was a bit different. He did save a lot of comrades, but he also lost many. I don't know why but this really hit me in the feels.
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thanks for that. I wasn't needing my heart anyway
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neji ;-;
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