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Ch. 10
At the end of the concert for the senior center all I could hear were cheers and clapping from the audience. A big smile comes across Yoongi’s face and when our eyes met I could since his fulfillment.
“Do you do every Sunday?” I ask Yoongi as I start the car and we head back to his place.
“Yeah, Saturday mornings I’ll have a few piano lessons, and Sunday morning’s I give a mini concert at the senior center and have a couple of lessons in the afternoon.” Yoongi explains.
“Are you hungry we can stop and pick up some lunch?” I ask him. He nods his head. We run into a sandwich shop and grab a couple of sandwiches and then head home.
After lunch, Yoongi prepares for his piano lessons for the day. I watched as he prepared and I was able to watch him in action. He had 3 solo students, and then he had a young boy and young girl duo who was his last. Watching him teach the duo reminded me of his grandmother teaching us together.
The last students were getting ready to leave when my phone rang. I look at it not surprised that it’s my mother.
“Hello mother. What’s up?” I say into the receiver.
“Do you know where this festival is that Jimin wants you to participate in?” she asks in her arrogant tone.
“I have no idea nor do I care mother, I won’t do it.” I enforce my standing on my decision.
“It’s in Daegu. I thought it was here in Seoul, but it’s in Daegu” She replies. My eyes grow wide with shock. “How could he have known I was in Daegu before seeing each other again?” I thought to myself.
“So, what you think because it’s in Daegu that I’ll be more willing to join Jimin and play the festival?” I ask with a scoff. I feel Yoongi’s arms around my waist and a small kiss lands on my neck. The instant he touches me my body I relax and all negativity melts away.
“Let’s talk about this later mother I have to go.” I hang up the phone without hearing her reply. I turn around to Yoongi and he plants a peck on my lips.
“Did you know that the festival Jimin wants me to play in is actually happening here in Daegu?” I look at him waiting for his response. Yoongi just looks at me confused for a moment.
“Well, I know we are having a festival, I didn’t know it was the same one Jimin was talking about. So, that means he’s coming here?” Yoongi asks. I nod my head in response.
“Are you okay with that? Are you still not going to do the festival? What if I asked you, would you then?” Yoongi asks. I look at him and smile. “I’m only asking because I’m part of the team to find performers.” Yoongi admitted.
“I’ll do the festival for you, but I will not perform with Jimin.” I tell him with a small pout. Yoongi just smiles and pats my head.
We cook dinner together laughing and talking, I never had a problem with communicating with Yoongi. Sometimes it was scary because it was like we could read each other’s minds we were so in sync. We would finish each other’s sentences.
After dinner we cuddled on the couch and watched a movie and both fell asleep half way through it. Suga was holding Y/N as I laid on his chest.
Meanwhile back in Seoul:
“So have you confirmed Y/N’s participation in the festival yet?” Jimin is asked by the program head for the festival.
“I’m working on it; I’m actually meeting up with her tomorrow again to confirm schedules.” Jimin replies. “Trust me, you’re the first person to know once I’ve completed the task.” Jimin continues.
Jimin hangs up the phone. He finishes packing a bag and throws it on the floor by the door of his bedroom. Jimin climbs into his bed and is lying on his side looking at the picture frame on his table. It was a picture of Y/N and him together during a happy time. Jimin is standing behind her with his arms wrapped around her waist, Y/N’s hands are holding his and her head is resting on his chest. Both of them are smiling. “I’ve grown up a lot since you left Y/N, I realized I took for granted what we had together and threw it away. But I promise I will make sure you come back to me. I still love you.” Jimin talks to the picture, as he grabs the frame and holds it close to his chest as he drifts off into sleep.
The next morning bright and early Jimin gets on the train headed for Daegu. He tries to call Y/N but doesn’t get an answer. He checks the paper with the address of Y/N’s grandmother’s house. That was going to be his first stop.
After a couple hours on the train, Jimin finally reaches Daegu and heads in the direction needed to see Y/N. When he reaches her house and knocks on the door, there’s no answer. As Jimin waits for a response. “I wonder where she is, if she isn’t asleep. The door’s locked so I can’t barge in.” He said to himself. Jimin backs away from the door, turns around and is about to head out when he sees Y/N walking towards her house. Y/N looks up with a smile on her face, that quickly faded when she saw who was standing at her door.
“Hello Y/N, I’m glad I found you.” Jimin says with a smile. The atmosphere is cold and tense. Y/N keeps walking towards her house and walks right past Jimin without saying a word. Jimin grabs her wrist.
“Can we please talk.” Jimin asks, Y/N turns to look at him which was a mistake he was giving a pouting face and because Y/N was in a good mood until she saw him, she didn’t say no.
“Come in for a moment.” Y/N replies. Jimin smiles big with a sense of accomplishment showing across his face.
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