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Ch. 11
Jimin and I walk into the house, after putting my slippers on I walk towards the kitchen that’s off the front door.
“What do you want to talk about Jimin?” Y/N I ask as I walk towards the kitchen to get a drink. “Would you like something to drink?” I asks. Jimin follows behind her. Jimin nods his head.
“Yes please some water would be great.” He replies. I get him a glass of ice water and then walk into the living room where her grandmother’s piano is located. Jimin follows and see’s the piano.
“That’s a beautiful piano Y/N. It’s an antique isn’t it?” Jimin asks. I nod my head.
“It’s my grandmother’s.” I reply. “Are you here to persuade me to do this festival?” I ask Jimin getting straight to the point. Jimin nods his head in response.
“Well, yeah that’s part of it, the other~” Jimin trails off as he places his hand in his hair moving it back.
“I’ll do the festival, but I don’t want to do a collaboration with you.” I reply.
“Great, but reconsider the collaboration, this will be good for both of us.” Jimin explains. I roll my eyes at him.
“Listen, I know you hate me, and I’m sorry I made a huge mistake but could you please forgive me. I’ve grown up a lot in the last two years. Please Y/N.” Jimin gets on his knees. The first thought I had was “In this position I could kick him in the face. Maybe that will make me feel better?” I shake my head to get rid of the violent thought I just had.
“Get up, you’re lucky just understand that.” I said to him as I grab his arm to help him up. Jimin stumbles and falls on me, our faces extremely close. I quickly push him away clearing my throat I walk to the piano. A small smirk creeps onto Jimin’s face.
“I’m not saying I’ll do it, but what song are you thinking of collaborating with?” I ask Jimin, Jimin had a smile on his face. Jimin acts like he has to think about it for a minute before he blurts out.
“I actually have two choices. The first being “Let me know”, and the second being “Save me”, from the Kpop group BTS, what do you think?” Jimin asked. I think about those songs Jimin mentions. I know BTS is a very popular group right now and these songs are both well known.
“It doesn’t matter to me which one is used.” I reply. Without thinking I just accepted doing a collaboration with Jimin.
“Ha! You’ve just accepted the collaboration with me, you can’t back out now Y/N.” Jimin notices my mistake and I cringe.
“Shit! How did I let myself walk into that one?” I say under my breath. I guess I’m still feeling the high from being with Yoongi yesterday.
“We can always do both if that isn’t a problem they are both really good songs.” Jimin said.
“I think one will be just fine.” I explain I really didn’t want to spend too much time with him, and if we did both songs it would only increase time spent together.
“Okay, I’ll take what I can get since that’s what you want.” Jimin says with a pout. “Where’s your bathroom?” Jimin asks, I tell him where the bathroom is.
“Down the hall on the right 3rd door.” I reply, Jimin nods his head and heads in that direction. Once Jimin enters the bathroom he takes out his cell phone and texts the Program head for the festival. “Y/N will do the festival, but she will only do one song with me, I’m gonna call you and let you know, but make it a point to mention that you want more than just one song.” End text. Jimin waits for a reply. “Okay.” End text program head. Jimin deletes the messages and puts his phone back in his pocket.
Jimin walks into the living room quietly and slowly as he hears music coming from the room. Y/N is playing “Save Me” from BTS, Jimin knew she would pick that one, and he smiles to himself. Jimin leans against the door frame just listening to the music, the window is open so the sound exits the house.
Yoongi is walking past when he sees Y/N playing, he stops and watches her. Yoongi is filled with joy when he watches Y/N play. It’s amazing how both of them are affected by the piano’s pull. Yoongi loses his smile when he see’s someone stand behind Y/N smiling at her, looking at her in a loving way. It’s at that moment Yoongi remembers who that man is, it’s Jimin from the dinner.
Yoongi knew Jimin wanted to do a collaboration with Y/N, he didn’t expect Jimin to show up in Daegu without notification because he was sure Y/N would tell him if Jimin had contacted her. Yoongi walks towards Y/N’s door, it was at that moment the music stopped playing.
“AH! Don’t sneak up on people like that.” Y/N says as she stands up quickly away from the piano. She had felt a hand on her shoulder caressing her. When she plays the piano she loses her senses and focuses on the piano only. At first she thought of Yoongi touching her, but quickly remember Yoongi wasn’t in her house it was Jimin and it startled her.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything.” Jimin said as he waved his hands in the air, trying to be cute and innocent. That’s when they heard a knock on the door. Y/N rushes to the door to open it, to find Yoongi standing there.
“Yoongi!” Y/N cried, wrapping her arms around his neck in a hug and kissing his soft lips. Yoongi wraps his arms around her and kisses back, they pull apart from the kiss and Yoongi lays his head on Y/N’s shoulder, glaring at Jimin who is standing in the doorway in the living room with his arms crossed against his chest with a pissed off look on his face.
After Yoongi and Y/N pull apart from their embrace, Y/N grabs Yoongi’s hand and pulls him into the house.
“Hello, Yoongi is it?” Jimin asked as he holds out his hand for a handshake, Yoongi nods his head and takes Jimin’s hand squeezing it as hard as he can.
“And your Jimin?” Yoongi replies, Jimin smiles trying to hide the pain he’s feeling from Yoongi’s strong grip. Finally, they release each other’s hand. Jimin shakes it off, and Yoongi smiles with a since of accomplishment. Y/N is completely oblivious to what just happened. It’s like guys have a telepathic ability to determine alpha.
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Thank you for reading this @MrsChanyeol, @AdreannaLyn,@SaraHanna :)
I am absolutely loving this story so far but the only critique I have is that you often switch up the tenses. Like sometimes you have it in 3rd person (Y/N does this or that), and other times it's first (I do this or that). Not a huge deal but it will help improve your already fantastic writing :)
STAWP Jimin go back to someone else
Thank you very much @AdreannaLyn, :)
ASFGHZDFGSFR! I can't wait for the next chapter! I love Jimin but Yoongi takes the cake any day.
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