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I've learned to not care much for the strong stares I receive. The campus grounds where always the places I never enjoyed going to because I get stared at a lot. Even though Jimin is always there to make me feel better I can't help but to feel regret and guilt. What I've done cannot be forgiven but they need to realize that I didn't mean to do it and it wasn't even my fault that girl threw herself at me and I'm not the one to blame for her jelly legs falling off the building along with the rest of her body. But yet I've grown to not feel phased by it even though there are times when I want to kneel and apologize for what I've done. I tried to save her, I really did. What happened to her brought the whole school to patethic and irrelevant argumments to test my involvement of wheather I was guilty or not. It also led to the parents suing my family which is why I am no longer cared for by my parents. I personally went to visit the girl's parents. Even though they rejected my apology they were still nice to me and told me to forget about it, that it was merely an accident but truth be told, they were just faking it. I haven't seen those people in 2 years. Most of the time I spend it walking back and forth from their house to mine but I never grew the courage to actually pay them a visit and still apologize. All of this happened 2 years ago and the talking has died down due to the school threatening the students that spoke about it about expelling them. Jimin was pleased with this because he thought that I would finally have some freedom but everything's still the same. "You are the one that killed that girl, ain't ya?" "What do you want?" "Do you even know who I am, Bitch?" "Yeah: you're that rich whore, slut, stuck-up, plastic, stupid daddy's girl who always trying to get with every fuckboy she sees. You really should aligne your priorities because you have too many to be this patethic. For your information, yes I am that girl and I did not kill her. For anything you shouldn't be worrying knowing that you were the one who forced her to fight me. I take it that you paid her to do it because she mentioned your name. It's bitch's name after all Yoona. And to make it clear from the events that happened yesterday; you're not Jimin's type, he doesn't like girls who are as conceited and stubborn as you. Matter of fact he doesn't even like you at all. So if you got something else to say I'm ready to listen." "Hm, of course you would be her. With you're stupid annoying attitude and ugly face. I hope you know that- that is the reason why no guy would go out with you. Because you're a killer and an ugly bitch. Get out of my face." Yoona leaves with the rest of her girls and Jimin comes running towards me. "Are you alright?" "Why wouldn't I be?"
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