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So I've decided to do a BTS dump from my phone. There is mostly pictures but there are also some memes and stuff that I found to be pretty funny. I know a lot of this stuff is dated but if you do happen to save anything please hit the like button for me!
Try to have an awesome day even though it's a Monday! (p.s. nothing here belongs to me. I made these gifs but I had nothing to do with the making of the pictures, credit to whomever deserves it)
I'm relatively new at making cards so I don't yet have a tag list... But I do have my long lost sister that I can tag! @MrsBangYongguk I don't make cards all that often but if you'd like to be tagged in future BTS posts comment below!
omg I loved all the picturesss 😂 can u also tag me in future bts cards 😉
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tag pleasr
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I'll happily be tagged in any BTS cards thank you!
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