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Because it has been 3 years with BTS! All wallpapers/edits have been made by me! I hope you enjoy!

4 Bangtan wallpapers/edits!

My story:

It's been over a year since I have been into kpop, but it wasn't till when 'run' came out that I learned about BTS. Everyone was going crazy but not me. I was and still am a huge VIP, those boys are already too much that I didn't want another band to do the same to me. But thanks to vingle and all of your cards, made me want to give them a try. I told myself to not get too into them since I knew they would kill me and make me suffer so much, but I pretty much failed at that. It has only been a few months with bts, and before I knew it I had already memorized their names, faces, and positions! These few months have been more than enough for me to realize how amazing each and every member is and how much talent they have. Maybe I can't say I have been with them since day one, but these months have been incredible! I'm so glad to say I'm part of the fandom, and although I still have much to learn and much I have to see ,that I have missed out on, I'm glad that with all of your cards I can learn more and more about them!

Individual member wallpapers/edits!

Knowing all the members now, I just need to choose a bias... but that has actually been super hard, I mean I went from Rapmon> Jin> Suga> V> Jungkook and back to Jin and Jungkook! (with a little bit of jhope and jimin!) So in the end my list was wrecked completely but I think I'm most confident with Jin and Jungkook.
It's still hard to choose but I can say I truly love them all! ♡

Well this was just part 1, if you enjoyed it and would like to be tagged for part 2 let me know in the comments!

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