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Inuyasha Made an Angel Cry

I made this video years ago... Like 2011 I think... I no longer have access to that YouTube account... Lol wow the story thing sucked but I still love the pics and the song... TBH I actually ship Sesshomaru and Kagome rather than Koga and Kagome... But I made this for my sister who ships Koga and Kagome...
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I'd rather have Koga and kagome then sesshomaru
I really like Koga but I was a full on Kagome and Inuyasha shipper xD I felt happy that Kagome had Koga there for her tho since Inuyasha was always distracted by Kikyo
@KokoroNoTakara besos. love u too!
@KokoroNoTakara heck no! i am mad now lol
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