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So I know most of you couldn't watch BTS LIVE Birthday show yesterday either you didn't have enough coins, weren't awake at 4 am like me(regrets??? No its bts) or you did pay for it but came late whatever your reasons was I found something for you all that couldn't make it.
Someone recorded the birthday party and posted it online this is just the first episode so if you want to watch the rest here. You can watch this episode and down below the video is part 2 and the rest
Hope you enjoy

*tagging people, I still don't have people to tag other then my litmonbe squad,so if you want to be added to future cards comment down below*

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I was up and watched but I lost sound in the middle of it.
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@Choijiah they had Internet problems too, around the question time is started lagging and it would say "broadcaster has Internet problems"
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bless ur soul
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