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Wow, didn't really expect much of a response for this story, but like I promised, since many of you want to read this, here's the first chapter!! Enjoy!!!
"Ahhhh..." You woke up from your nap and let out a nervous breath; tapping the armrest of your seat in the airplane flying towards Korea and listening to the K-pop playlist on your phone to calm your nerves. This was it; a huge opportunity and new beginning in the country you'd always wanted to go to: working for the biggest entertainment company in the industry; SM entertainment. It had been a joke when you applied in the UK: your best-friend India, who was a fellow Kpopper, pushed you towards applying for SM due to an advertisement online you both had read stating the company desired to recruit foreigners as part of a management programme, as long as they knew the language; lucky for you, your love of Korea drove you to learn the language pretty much fluently, so you could watch your beloved dramas and variety shows without the need for subtitles. A year prior to applying, you had travelled to Korea on a school trip and fell in love with the language instantly; giving you no choice but to join an intensive language course every day, after school, for about 2 months, which proved very beneficial; as your application had been approved due to your multi a linguistic abilities. Of course, your parents were concerned the whole time throughout your school life that you were shirking away proper school work for languages and KPOP, but this application acceptance helped prove them wrong. ----------------------------------------------- "Ho-ly crap... I got offered a job." You muttered, checking your email with India next to you, disbelief evident in your voice. "OH. MY. DAYS THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! Y/N, - YOU HAVE TO... HAVE TO ACCEPT." India squealed in your bedroom. "B-but... I didn't even tell my parents and now... I have to fly halfway across the world to actually do this??" You retorted reading the acceptance email over and over again. "Y/N, you will get to see Shines, and Super Junior, and all the rest... you HAVE TO DO THIS!" India squealed once more, taking the laptop to read the email properly. "Well, the pay doesn't seem that good." You mumbled unblinking. "Yeah but, I'm pretty sure seeing the idols is half the payment then and there!" India retorted still on a high. "True that. God... how I am not computing this - this is so awesome!" You said, realization finally hitting you like a ton of bricks - this was such a once in a lifetime opportunity. "Hell yeah! Your parents will definitely think this is a great idea - you wanted to pursue management anyway, so why not manage an idol group in the meantime - IF YOU GET ASSIGNED TO SHINEE Y/N, I WILL LITERALLY DIE." India's enthusiasm was spilling over the top - her excitement brought you to a new high. Both of your were massive Shines fans right from the start of their debut, however your ultimate group just had to be YG's BigBang since their personalities and music was on another level. "Wait what does this say - you will be the personal assistant to an... UNNAMED NEW BOY GROUP - THIS IS CONFIDENTIAL AND IF YOU, BLAH BLAH BLAH boring bit in the email, skip that; Y/N THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE YOU ARE GOING TO FIND OUT WHO DEBUTS NEXT FROM SM WAAAHHH!!! Are they going to be our age!? Sexy new boys, oh my God!!!" India once again spiralled into a whole monologue, working herself up into a flustered state, but you just nodded, feeling so buzzed over what was to come. You kept your mouth shut, trying to hold in the excitement that was bursting to come out. Why not? This would be a whole new experience. Of course it was sad having to leave your sister (who was not a KPOP fan) and your parents, but opportunities like this did not drop out of the sky. ------------------------------------------------------- Of course once you had accepted, your dad read through the contract to make sure everything seemed alright and you weren't selling your soul to the company - he gave you the thumbs up. "Well you'll be an assistant to the managers taking care of this group, and you'll have to go to whichever country they have to go to, and you'll have to stay in their dorm which I'm not liking the sound of - but at least that's free accommodation!" Your dad chuckled, slapping you on your back merrily. "Uh yeah... living with boys... great." It would be a very weird experience - you didn't have a brother so you didn't know what on earth it would be like and what to expect. -------------------------------------------------------- In the airplane you continued drumming your fingers - it was so weird how you had been brought into this whole new KPOP world... It was your Korean friend who dragged you into it in middle school: she had won two tickets to see SM town in France and decided to ask you until you gave in. Then, it was like seeing the light - you witnessed the amazing talent music and dancing and could not get enough of it - the looks, the abs and the men were just too much. And thus here you were - on your way to witness it all first hand behind closed doors. The toilet sign changed green signalling it was free to use. You unbuckled your seatbelt and strode over. -------------------------------------------------------- It was very daunting being at the airport, but thankfully you could read all the signs if you took your time and don't panic. You were 17 so no assistance for minors was provided. You finally managed to make it to the arrivals and you were greeted by an unsmiling guy holding an SM sign with your name on it. You were brought to a company car which had heavily tinted windows you examined while the driver shoved your suitcase into the boot. It was difficult trying to take photos through the windows due to the heavy tinted glass - your soul died a little the moment the driver stopped outside the SM building and ushered you so fast into it; that you had no time to properly the in your surroundings. A friendly, smiling lady who was of course a member of staff received you at the door, asking you how you were and how the flight was - she spoke in English which meant you didn't need to focus as hard on what she was saying, and could look around while she brought you to the elevator to take you to the second floor. She asked for some ID which you had ready and asked to see the printed out email regarding the job offer. The moment you reached the top floor - your nerves shook - everything looks so sleek, expensive and new - you felt very tatty and unprofessional in average clothing. The nice lady stayed by your side, but other people who came and went spoke incredibly fast and complicated words; explaining the rules and regulations and getting you to sign so many sheets of paper; your hand hurt by the end of it. You hardly knew what you had signed since two people would be explaining the regulations while two other people shoved things into your hand to sign. A quick photo was taken and a staff card was made and given to you to keep. You were debriefed and given a welcome pack in the process. The general jist was understandable; you understood there would be no filming idols without their permission, and there would be no posting of any media onto the web unless it had been approved - and you could never spill the secrets via twitter or Instagram or weibo (whatever that was) about any comeback information or info on the !embers. You could also not make contact or talk to idols you weren't assigned to since at this stage you were just am assistant. Some more rules were that you had to be at the new boy group's beckoned call and clean their dorm. You were given a buzzer so the company could call you whenever. By the time the session was done, which was probably 2 hours since you had arrived; your hand ached and a massive headache had to be endured. Once the nice lady had taken you to the first floor, she left you to make your way back - but of course knowing you and your terrible sense of direction; you had completely forgotten where on earth the exit was. You suddenly broke put into a sweat; panicking slightly - there was no one in the corridor of on the floor by the looks of it to help you, then suddenly... "Hey, are you lost?" A low American voice asked. "Oh!" You yelped startled, dropping your papers in shock. You turned around to see an Asian guy with jet black hair wearing a black top and trousers, crouching onto the floor picking up your papers. He had angry looking eyebrows and angular features which scared you into talking very fast. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" You squeaked hoping he wouldn't be pissed. "It's OK, I didn't !want to scare you. I just got overexcited because someone else here speaks English - I'm guessing you're lost?" Wow this was not what you expected; he was smiling and asking questions! "Yeah I am..." You sighed trying to loosen up. "By the way, how did you know I spoke English?" You asked confused, but before he could reply you chucked realizing you obviously didn't look Asian. "Hahaha, gave it away I guess." You said, taking the papers from his hands and pointing at yourself. "Haha oh no, it's just because I heard you mumbling to yourself in English talking about directions, that's how I knew," he replied chuckling slightly. "Oh haha, yeah I mumble when I'm nervous... By the way, thanks for the papers," you said blushing at how embarrassing you were. In that moment though; you realised just how large this guy's hands were. He stood up straight before talking again. Damn he was really tall! This definitely helped add man points since he wasn't that attractive, but the height and the personality helped. "How do you know English?" you asked genuinely intrigued to know. "Uh, I'm from Canada, I lived there so that's how I know." he replied nonchalantly. "I see!" You were not expecting that answer. "How about you, where are you from?" He asked equally interested. "I'm from the UK." You said, nodding slightly. "That's cool, so do you work here?" He asked, keeping up the conversation. "Yeah, I just started today; I'm assigned to a new group. Do you work here too?" you asked, maybe he was an assistant manager like you? "Ha ha yeah, kind of... by the way, the exit is down the corridor and to the left." He replied, pointing down the corridor and left. You whizzed around to see where, eternally grateful for his help. "Gosh, thanks a lot - I'm Y/N by the way." You said making your way. "Nice to meet you, I'm Kevin." He replied watching you make your way. "Well, good luck Kevin," you said waving, happy to have met someone nice in this daunting place. "You too Y/N" and with that you left. You prayed there were more nice people like him here. You finally found the exit with Kevin's directions; making your way to your happy-go-lucky driver. He folded the newspaper he had been reading and opened the passenger door unsmiling. You gulped hard and plopped yourself in the seat, knowing your next destination was the dorms; the instructions given to you were to unpack your stuff and come back to start your job and meet the new group you were assigned to. You knew the dorms wouldn't be anything amazing; judging from the dorm life you were used to watching, such as Big Bang's pre debut dorm; it was usually small for the group itself and 2-3 guys shared a room each. The moment the driver pulled up to the place; it was what you expected - a standard block of flats not that far from SM. The lovely driver let you lug your suitcase up the stairs. You muttered cursed under your breath as you watched him break out into a little grin; reading his newspaper while you disappeared up the stairs; sweating buckets. You finally reached the front door; the nice lady had told you which apartment number you were to go to, so here you were. You took a deep breath, nervous to see what was inside. You gulped hard and opened the door... ------------------------------------------------------------
OOOHHH what's going to happen when you enter the dorm!?!!? That's all for now folks. Like I said before this chapter, I didn't think many of you would be interested in reading this. I'll be sure to let my friend know, since she want me to post this a bit early. Hoped you enjoyed this. Also, if you would like to be added to the tag list for this story, just ask in the comments and I'll see you guys in the next chapter!!! KPOP KIK Family @selfishmachines @Winx9119 @RochelleRose @BBxGD @TheEnlightment @UKissMeKevin @evieevelyn @Matokokepa Vinglers tagged for this fic..... @ShinoYuki @Kpossible4250 @EleanorKriegel @Vanro @JaxomB @bigbangvip2243
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