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BTOB Shenanigans
I absolutely love 'I Only Know Love" or "Lover Boy" as it's also called.
If you've seen the MV or any live performances you might know there is a moment in the choreo that gets a little intimate between our beautiful Hyunsik and skinship-avoiding Ilhoon.
It started out pretty tame between these two, but as time went on, the moment grew and developed a little more each time they performed it.
Then this happened.
The moment happens at 1:54.
Poor Hyunsik tried so hard not to break character here, but he succumbed to the goofy, seductive powers of Ilhoonie. I feel you Hyunsik. I'm laughing too.
Let's take a slower look.
These guys may just end up being my BTOB OTP.
Omg, just too funny!
Just some extra cuteness for ya!
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please tag me. I'm new to BTOB. I'm looking forward to learning more about them ☺
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their faces in the background when they do it 😂😂😂
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i think Ilhoon and Hyunsik are yes OTP...but the name. What is their name?! Its your job! create one!
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oh gosh i would die lol
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I don't think Ilhoon hates skinship as much as he says.
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