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Title: 143 Pt.1 Ot12 Ansgt \ Trageddy 16+ Pairings: EXO x Reader     Summary: With today’s perception of beauty, you are a 20 year old girl who lacks confidence. The situation doesn’t get better as you were selected to be the  personal translator for EXO during their world tour. With these perfect boys around you, you have come to realized that you will never be capable to feel love from the opposite sex. You have come with good terms with the 12 EXO members , you being their friend and bringing them happiness when times are dark. However, everything changed when they see a side of you that not even yourself knew that existed. What happens when this tale of friendship starts to become a romantic novel?    Today was your first day working with the all sexy and perfect EXO members.   Excited? May be…       One last time looking at the mirror and seeing your face full of imperfections, your pale skin making them stand out more ,and lastly your nose. Disgusting. Trying to cover up with make-up the bing pimple that you had on top of your lip and under the nose and discovering how unattractive you most look. Once again, looking back at those magazines, you wonder why you could’t be pretty or skinny like the models in those fashion magazines. You wished so hard, that every time it was your birthday you wished to be pretty.    That was your wish…to be anyone but yourself.     After putting make-up to look less “uglier” , you decided that you were ready for the day. Heading towards the SM building, with your suitcase ready to go.Once again people were staring at you. You perfectly knew why… Because of your ugly face.     This wans’t expected. At the age of 20 you expected to be living a happy life while having someone who loves you by your side. Truth to be told, you never had a boyfriend, nor you never will. Way too ugly for any boy to look at you.    The building was finally in front of you, and finally to end this…    You close your eyes, take a deep breath and fake a smile…like always. “Well boys, this young lady here will be our personal translator for our world tour”- as soon as you heard the manager said that you looked at the boys in front of you.       “Nice to meet all of you”- you calmly said while making a small reverence. All the EXO members where standing in front of you, quietly looking at you. You looked back at them and wonder… How the heck can they be so damn perfect?! “Well I believe we are ready, it might get late for our flight to Japan, so let’s hurry up, you guys can introduce later”- the manager interrupted, after checking that everything was ready for the third time, all the staff, including you, headed off to the airport. The airport didn’t make you feel the least comfortable. A lot of pretty Korean girls were there only to see the EXO members. All of them saying things like “omg, he is so cute” or “my oppa is so perfect!”, were the only thing that were on your ears. With the sight, you also wonder, how didn’t these boys had any girlfriends, it’s not like they were going to say no. Then you hear it again… “Who is she? She is so ugly!” “I am pretty sure she is part of the staff” “Of course she needs to be ugly! If she weren’t, then the members might get distracted” “I feel so sorry for her…”      You pretended not to care. But still the pain and embarrassment was there. Pain because of the comments and embarrassment because you were pretty sure that the EXO members could hear the comments too. You could’t wait to aboard the airplane. Once inside the airplane you notice that there was no more seats left than the one next to the window of D.O and Chanyeol. Great…        Trying to not disturb as much and with a quiet “excuse me” you proceed to sit in the right side of the window with D.O and Chanyeol on your left. They both looked at you as if deciding to make conversation to be polite or not, and of course the second option was always better for them. Since you decided that as up to now, they would’t be needing your translations ability, you grabbed your blanket and went to sleep. But oh lord, you didn’t want this to happen.    As you woke up, you notice that Do Kyung Soo was sleeping on your shoulder, while Chanyeol was doing the same thing to D.O. What a beautiful time for a picture. Even if you wanted to do it, you resisted as it would be weird and unprofessional of your side to do so. Instead you did something different. You pulled the blanket that you were using and cover up the boys with it. “Thanks”          Your thoughts were interrupted as you looked up and the person sitting in front of you was no other than Oh Sehun.      “That’s usually my job, but I guess you can do that from now on”- Sehun said looking at you directly on the eyes.     “Oh, alright then” “ Oh Sehun is my name by the way" “oh yeah, I already knew that” “Oh, a fan, right ?”     “No, it’s part of my job to at least know all of your names”- you said with a little bit of sarcasm. To be honest, yes, you were a fan but that doesn’t mean that your job will be mixed with your personal life, right?    “True…oh by the way..umm sorry…” “For what?”- you asked curiously. “At the airport … They were saying some bad stuff about you…sorry you had to go trough that”          Now you were so embarrassed.    The problem wasn’t them. It was you for being so “ugly” that you called out everyone’s attention. You didn’t knew how to respond. Should you accept it? Or apologize too?   “Umm , no that’s alright , I am use to it by now”          Now you just didn’t feel embarrassed , you felt stupid too.    “Oh umm…”- Sehun began , but didn’t know how to respond. But suddenly Sehun’s attention was drawn towards your hand. You also looked at it for a moment.      Do Kyung Soo was holding your hand.       Surprised you went back to look at Oh Sehun who was giving you a smile and as he turned around, he said one last thing to you: “Welcome to the family” To be continued? A/N: REQUEST ARE OPEN, ANY SHIPS,FANFICS,REACTIONS , ECT. JUST ASK ME If I see that this fanfic has enough support I will make the second part :) Truth to be told,  this story was posted in my tumblr account a long time ago and only continued writing till pt.2 since there weren't many supporters, but as time passed, people have been asking more for this story, so I will continue writing it if people like it. 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