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The guys all ended up getting to take a longer break. Which we all were glad to hear. I had finished packing my stuff and did rounds to see how far everyone was. Thankfully when I got to yoongi's room it was just him in there. He didn't hear me come in and I snuck up behind him and put my arms around him giving him a back hug. "Hey." He said trying to turn around. "Hey." He pulled my arms off of him and successfully turned around. He leaned forward and kissed my lips. "I have wanted to do that since last night since you wouldn't let me sleep in your room." "Well then we would get caught." I hugged him. "Man I wish we didn't have to keep this a secret." "Yea I know. It sucks having to be sneaky." "It's only been a day and we are already going crazy" He laughed "It's cause we want to touch each other....and by that I mean kiss and hold hands and..." "Other adult things" He smirked " how is your packing coming?" "I'm done now." He said turning to his bag and closing it. "Now I have free time" and with that he picked me up and threw me on his bed. I laughed. He jumped on top of me and started tickling me. "Yoongi stop....ha Oh please stop." "Never..." He continued to tickle me till one of my hands ran across crotch. He froze and looked at me. I could see he wanted me. I smirked. He then crashed his lips to mine and I snaked my arms around him grabbing onto his shirt. He tasted amazing he was like alcohol. I was addicted and never wanted to stop drinking. "I think she went to check on Yoongi" We heard and froze and within an instant quickly separated. He fiddled with his suitcase and I sat Indian style on his bed. The door opened and in walked Jin and Hoseok. "Hey so we're planning on eating first then heading out, anything you guys want specifically?" Jin asked "I'll eat whatever" I said fiddling with the blanket. "Same here." Yoongi said and set his suitcase on the ground. "Ok and by the way (y/n) you have to share a room with one of us." Hoseok said "what?" "Yea we found out that there is 4 rooms but they have 1 bed so you can pick who you want to sleep with....wait that sounded weird." Hoseok finished saying. "I'll bunk with Yoongi since I've grown used to sleeping when he's around." I smiled this was a perfect time for us to be together at night. "Yea all those nights at the studio...poor you." Jin said "Ok well then we shall go get our lunch ready." They both left us. "So does that mean we get to sleep together all night, with Noone asking why I'm staying in your room?" Yoongi asked with a smile placed on his face. "It does mean that." I smiled back. After a while we ended up on a plane. Somehow I got stuck in the middle seat but it was ok since I was next to Yoongi and Tae. I had the nice quiet man on one side and the goofball on the other. Most of the ride I goofed with Tae while Yoongi slept. We Finally arrived at our destination after several hours. It was a beautiful place. Once we got to the house everyone ran off to pick rooms. Yoongi and I were left alone. He quickly grabbed my hand. "I didn't like you ignoring me on the plane." "You were sleeping most of it." "So I would stay up for you." "Yoongi you needed your rest and Tae kept my mind off of things." He pulled me so our faces were inches apart. "Off of what?" "How I was going to bother you without making it obvious that I just wanted to touch you...a few times I was going to grab your hand but I thought that would reveal us." He pressed his lips to mine and pulled back. "That's what I was doing too I really wasn't sleeping. I was coming up with stealthy ways to touch you." "But you did fall asleep." "Fine I did and when I woke up we were here." "It's ok we have a lot of time now." I pulled him towards the bedrooms. We found the only empty room and stuck our stuff in it. I jumped on the bed. "Oh this is going to be so nice to sleep in." I said rolling around on it. "Yea and the fact that I'm in the bed with you makes it even nicer." I was going to say something but before any words left my mouth Jimin came in the room. "Wow are you hitting on (y/n)?" "I'm just messing with her." "Hmm...well (y/n) if he tries anything just scream and I'll come beat him up. Or you can always switch roomates now." He smiled "I'll let you know if tries anything...I think we should be safe but if I need your help I'll Holler for you." "Ok. but let's go you guys can unpack later we want food." Jimin grabbed my hand and pulled me off the bed and out of the room with Yoongi right behind me. After dinner we went and explored and I started getting tired while everyone else was still wide awake. They had set up a bonfire and we were sitting around it and I knew I was going to fall asleep and I slowly laid my head on Yoongi's shoulder and then I was out. Yoongi's POV Today was pretty busy, when we finally got back to the house we all decided to make a bonfire. It hadn't been that long when I felt pressure on my shoulder I looked and saw (y/n) with her eyes closed. Was she sleeping? I poked her cheek and she didn't do anything. "I don't get how you don't like her." I looked up at Jungkook. "I do like her she's great." "Not like a friend Yoongi." Hoseok said "It doesn't matter what I feel." I had to get off the topic quick. "Should we take her to bed?" Namjoon asked. "Not yet we just started. I'll take her in after a little bit." I said "Wow Yoongi is being nice....somethings up." Tae said "I'm nice." "Yea sometimes." Jimin said "Well fine... it's because you pissed me off (y/n) hasn't done that yet." "So you'll be nice to her forever?" Jungkook asked "I don't know...but she is a Girl aren't you suppose to be nice to them?" Yea I'm doing great with playing dumb. "Wow Yoongi you don't know much about girls." Hoseok said "Yoongi I think (y/n) shouldn't be around the bonfire if she's sleeping. I'll just take her in so you can stay out here." Jin said "No ill do it." I quickly picked (y/n) up and carried her bridal style into the house. I laid her down on the bed and covered her with the blanket and I leaned down and kissed her forehead. "Yoongi." She whispered "Yea?" I waited for an answer but there was none. Cute she's thinking about me while she's sleeping. I moved her hair and put a strand behind her ear and just looked at her. I still can't believe she is finally mine. I had fought my feelings for so long and it mad me angrier than usual. Now I can't think of how I would feel without her next to me. I kissed her cheek and left the room. When I got back to the bonfire they were discussing what to do the next day. We were staying outside until the fire died down enough. "Yoongi." I turned around to see (y/n). I stood up and went to her. "What's wrong? Why are you crying?" I grabbed her face and started wiping the tears away. She quickly hugged me and buried her face in my chest and continued to cry. I rubbed her back while hugging her until she calmed down. She finally looked up at me. "I had a nightmare but it felt so real." "Do you wanna talk about it?" I asked and she nodded. "Can we go to our room?" She asked and this time I nodded. "Hey guys we are gonna go to our room well see you in the morning." I said taking her hand in mine and pulling her to the house. Normal POV I woke up and didn't see Yoongi and I started crying maybe it really did happen. I thought that until I heard the guys outside laughing. I quickly got up and ran out to the bonfire. I stopped a few feet from Yoongi. He was I wasn't dreaming anymore. "Yoongi." I said and he turned to me. He stood up and came to me fast. "What's wrong? Why are you crying?" He said and grabbed my face and started wiping the tears away. I can't believe how real it felt. I quickly hugged him so I could hide my face in his chest. Once I was there I started crying again. He tightened his grip on me and hugged me and we just stayed like that till I had calmed down. When I stopped my tears for the most part I moved to look up at him. "I had a nightmare but it felt so real." "Do you wanna talk about it?" he asked and I nodded. "Can we go to our room?" I asked. I didn't want anyone else hearing because it was just a dream. "Hey guys we are gonna go to our room well see you in the morning." Yoongi said and he grabbed my hand and stated pulling me to the house. Once we were in the room he shut and locked the door. "Alright tell me about it." I sat down on the bed and sat Indian style and he sat next to me. "We were out on a date and some crazy girl drugged us and took us some where. Then when we came to we were in a storage room or something tied up. The girl....she... she knew we were dating and she wanted you to break up with me. When you said no she tried to make me break up with you." "Did you?" He asked "No of course not. But then...she had some guys come in and beat you up. she was trying anything to make me break up with you. She even ended up beating me up as well. I blacked out. When I came to there was Noone but you laying on the ground surrounded by blood and me. I got to you and...." I stopped the thought of it made me start crying again. He pulled me into a hug. "Shh it's ok I'm here." "You were dead they had beaten you up so bad that you died and they left me to die as well. I was crying when I heard a bang and then I woke up. But I was still in that faze between dream and reality and I thought it really happened." "Sweetie." I looked at him in shock he had never called me sweetie. He smiled and pressed his lips to mine. "Yoongi." I whispered after we broke apart. "Yes." He smiled "You've never called me sweetie before." "I know but I want to." "I like it." "Good Cuz I'll be doing it a lot more." He smiled and kissed me again. This time it was a longer kiss and he ended up on top of me. He broke our kiss to speak. "I know that dream sucked but something like that wont happen. I wont let naything happen to you or myself. So let's go to bed we have a busy day tomorrow." "Yoongi!!!!" "Sorry I had to get you to lay down some way." He smirked. "Ugh fine!" I moved the blankets around and covered myself up again and he quickly got under and pulled me close to him. "Hey I didn't say we couldn't cuddle. I just said we needed sleep so no hanky panky tonight." "I want my way tomorrow night then." I said turning to face him so I could cuddle into his chest. "Ok sweetie whatever you want." He kissed the top of my head and I continued to smell his scent in until I fell asleep. "I love you" I whispered before I completely fell asleep. "I love you too."
I know I meant to post this before I went on my trip but I was very busy before we left and I didn't post it...I finally wasn't the one driving on our way home so I could update. I'm so so so sorry that it took me awhile. So what do you think of this chapter? What will the guys think of the exchange that happened between the two?
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I hope the dream isn't a scary premonition😨
so cute when he was there to calm the reader when she had a nightmare.
awwwww so cute love it
Suga Suga.. Don't go making promises you not for sure you can keep
awe! her dream sounds familiar...hmm
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