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BTS's pink princess, Jin Jin is so precious in the whole world. it's sad that not many army have him as a bias thought.... every time I asked them who their biases are, it's always Jimin or Jungkook. Not that it's bad or anything but I hardly hear them say Jin. Yet not only Jin, there's also J-Hope, Rap Monster and Suga. Yeah I see their names here and there but not a lot. I just wish people would notice and like them more as much as I do. However Suga and Jin took my heart the mostmost❤. I love the others as well but they stole my heart since "Just One Day." Jin is just so beautiful.... he really is. Sometimes to be honest, I always mistaken him as a angel or a girl He's handsome in every way. My boo is just ... oh God, He's literally everything to me! I would die if I actually see him in person! or get more blind from the bright light that's around him. Yet I'm already blind I just wish that I get to talk to people that loves Jin as mush as I do. Also I don't only love just Jin and Suga. I really do love them equally, they are all speical people to all of us, Army. I luv u Jin ❤
BTS's Lazy/Badass Rapper, Suga Suga is Sometimes like me.... doesn't want to do stuff other then sleep and eat except the only difference is how handsome and talented he is. This is one reason why I'm a potatoe lol He does get a lot of beautiful army's heart by the kind of guy he is. I mostly love his laugh, it's so freaking adorable and his smile ... oh God, it's just so cute sorry! i couldn't handle it but Suga is a guy who will never give up. He's the type that I want in a guy. Him and Jin are just the type that I would want. They enjoy being themselves (Suga mostly lol) Suga will always be my BTS bias. No one is gonna chance that.... he will always be my bias and I will always be there for him and the other members. They are making it to the top and they already are! BTS FIGHTING!!! I Luv U Suga
I know that' Jungkook is cute yeah. But honestly, I love them all equally. They ALL took on Just One Day lol! They are all handsome and unique in their own way. I couldn't ask for more lol!!🙌
omg i haven't been into bts for a long time yet, but to me Jin is so gorgeous and he's so amazing. like I feel like I can relate to him maybe not much but more than with the other members. He's just idk he's too precious and I have considered him as my bias but then jungkook came... I guess he's my bias wrecker but jin is bias. Gahhh idk why but I have a thing for liking the oldest members 😂