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I've compiled s few of the best live performances of Thriller for anyone interested in taking a look. I chose Thriller because the song is pretty awesome but the concept was so well executed that it's a great example of how much hard work goes into a pulling off great performances.
From the costume designers and coordi team who make sure the boys look great from every angle and that each detail of the look is pulled off, to the set designers, musicians, composures, arrangers and each individual involved in the song itself, the choreographers who continually come up with new and exciting choreo, and all the other hands that go into conceptualizing and actualizing each performance. And of course to the super talented idols themselves. So many people are involved in each and every performances our idols execute.
Thriller is one of those songs that has intricate movements for each member as they each are taking on a character and must portray that character throughout the performance. Pay close attention to their facial expressions and movements, both big and small and you'll understand the meaning of performance.
One of the things you might notice about the Thriller promotions is how frequently the members of BTOB changed their hair and contacts.
Each performance is rather unique but they still maintained an overall cohesion of concept.
See how different this performance was from the first one? There was a stark contrast between the two but they both fit the concept well and felt rather cohesive as a unit.
The added glowing eye effect from thos special contacts and lighting was a pretty neat touch.
Again, this one is a bit different from the previous two. Different, wardrobe, different, contacts, a larger stage and modified choreo to better cover a large stage and cater to a bigger audience.
Every single member is working hard to fill that large stage and they stay in character through the entire performance. This to me, speaks volumes about an idol's ability to perform. It's quite amazing to see the dedication to the character.
And here is the one that takes the cake.
They really amped up the performance value and took the concept into overdrive. Every aspect was most likely agonized over to be able to pull this more theatrical visualization off. This performance really does tell a story from beginning to end. The choreo is so well suited to the song that it becomes an 8th member of the group. It takes on it's own life. It breaths.
There are so many people involved behind the scenes in making our idols performances come to fruition. A lot of time, effort and coordination goes into what we see on our computer and TV screens and those folks rarely get the recognition our beloved idols receive. Sometimes t can take the cooperation of hundreds of people just to pull off one 5 minute performance.
When you step back and realize how much effort truly goes into Kpop, it's no wonder it's become so popular both in Korea and on an international level.
Quick shout out to the unsung heroes who work behind the scenes to bring us closer to our idols and give us continually more exciting and interactive experiences with the idols we love. Thank you for all your hard work.
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Yes...to all the Heros behind the scenes and how hard BTOB work on the performance. Fighting!!!!
omg Hyunsik with a see through shirt....no stay down boy...Minhyuk that back flip, that open jacket...you have my heart you don't need to try harder. ❤ this 언니
@Heixx yes that's him. He's the Maknae? Omg! why is it the maknaes that I fall for first? 😂 thanks for letting me know. Seriously Sungjae is so good looking.
@Helixx I'll start watching BTOB MTV diary. thanks for letting me know about it.
@Helixx There is one member that caught my eye but don't know he's name yet. When I do, I'll let you know. It might be Ilhoon 😁
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