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⚠ Rant and most likely foul language ⚠ So I stumbled across this article from allkpop. com and decided to make a rant. This is nothing against Tao, it's against the people who decide to bring idols down for no apparent reason. "Life is short. It passes quickly. I don't know how society changed like this. I never thought myself a star. This is just my work; celebrities are people, too. Do people really have the time to attack me and my family online? They could be using that time to better themselves. I never killed anyone or broke the law. I'm just living my life."  OK one, how DARE YOU. How dare you hurt someone who has done absolutely NOTHING wrong. Tao has been through so much shit already, yet your still going to hate on him? I'm sorry but hatting someone because they left a group gives you no fucking right. This poor man is SOBBING because your spreading ill will to him and his family. HIS. FUCKING. FAMILY. What the absolute HELL PEOPLE?! This behavior is of no way appropriate! I feel so bad for Tao. All he's trying g to do is live his life to the fullest and he can't even fucking do that because he's being threatened. This isn't a joke people. When you threaten someone, you damage them. It doesn't matter if they are elementary school kids or rock idols. You damage them. Tao is fucking SOBBING ON STAGE! DO YOU REALISE THE TORMENT HES GOING THROUGH BECAUSE OF ALL THIS NEGATIVITY?! ALL HE DID WAS LEAVE A COMPANY BECAUSE UE WAS BEING MISTREATED! UGH! If I was a bird my feathers would be all riled up. This isn't OK. Tao is doing so well on his own. This shit just pisses me off. I jus.... Ugh is just can't handle to see any idol cry. I can't. http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/06/tao-spills-tears-talking-about-the-hate-comments-toward-him-and-his-family Here is the link, I just.... I need to scream in a pillow or something. It's just not right. At all.
Preach it! I got really teared eyed as I saw this video... "Actually sometimes I really don't understand this society" -TAO. Me neither Tao, me neither... Ppl are so cruel in this world!
ok... let me get this straight into my brain cause it doesn't want to except the fact that ppl are going after his family. so people are hating on his family bc of what he does right? if so, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!! This is not what u were born into the world for. when tao was in exo, he was my bias. so I care very deeply about this. if I saw something happen with my own eyes, then I would asses the problem accordingly. but this...I have no words for. if the ppl on the internet that are doing this to tao, if that happened to them, what would they do? that tells us a lot about what is happening in this society. I'm so sick of random ppl telling Kpop idols to die, or stop being an idol just bc they are not "pretty"! this is the reason I hate people. they go and do stupid shit just like this and it make them look like slobs that have notthing better to do. sorry for my rant 👌
@BabydollBre When I saw the article on my twitter I almost died. It's sad knowing these things.
@BiancaMason That's how I feel about vingle as well. Like before I knew a few things from constantly looking it up, but vingle just shoves all the info down your throat and sends you on your way lol. But anyway, it's sort of necessary to put the haters in their place when they attack someone and the family of that person. I'm pretty sure if it was only Tao who was getting these threats and not his parents, he wouldn't have made a big deal.
i really like vingle, cause i know absolutely nothing until someone post about it. n i think people should leave well enough alone....i support Tao he has done nothing wrong, leave the boy alone......however it isnt nesscessarily going to stop the haters
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