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July 2nd Dallas is having another Kpop night! They are opening at 6pm to allow us to swim and things before it starts at 10pm! The tickets are cheap cause it is after got7, and they know we spent most of our money on got7 lol! But me and my Kpop girls already got our tickets! If you haven't gotten yours get it and join us!! And come say hi!! Cause if you want a group of girl that you can fan girl with that is actually in the area me and my girls will be more then willing to fan girl with you and just hang out! But buy your tickets now!! So we can y'all freak out over got7 and if you didn't get a ticket for got7 get yours anyway so you can enjoy the music we all love! #kpop #dallas
@IsoldaPazo omg yas!!!!!!
Wish I could go man, if only I lived in Dallas or was there lol
@MirandaKawahara. otro viaje??
@StephersTaylor aweeeee omg thanksss 馃槈
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