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So I haven't been on here In a really long time, So here is an update and why I haven't been on here One. My phone started freaking out for the longest time and I couldn't get Ito work, I had to do a hard shut down and crap to fix it. Two. I moved to Dallas! Yes I am in Dallas now! I'm really happy about it cause I'm closer to all my friends! Three. I work for Amazon now and completely have no time for a social life! I have even been behind on Kpop until recently! Four. Zico was my ultimate....but ummmm....mark from got7 took over! Like idk what happen...but yeah he number one now! I think that might be it.....idk I'll post more if I think of something else!!
Unnecessary picture of mark!! Ugh I have 212 picture of this man!! This is a problem!! I only have 82 of Zico!!! Like what happening to me!! Lol
@StephersTaylor hahah Iam glad to hear that actually job is done here..馃槑
That's where my down fall into mark started! And then vine didn't help me! @luna1171
@AbbyRoscoe look out for the Markie-Pooh Mondays. .hehe..
yeeeeiihh! Markie-Pooh. .welcome to the club..lmaoo
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